Bicycle and Walking Map

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.42.25 AMAfter 12 years in print, we have released the Sixth Edition of our extremely popular Bicycle & Walking Map of Alameda. You’ll find all the best routes to bike and walk around town.

Back in 2004, Bike Alameda created its first ever printed bicycle map. This project was the culmination of a year-long all-volunteer effort. Experts in graphics, cartography and project management contributed over $15,000 worth of time, and did so with energy and positive spirit. To find a copy of our map, please visit one of the locations below:


Neighborhood Map Carrier Address
Bay Farm Bay Farm Library 3221 Mecartney Road
Central Alameda Municipal Power 2000 Grand Street
East End Cycle City 1433 High Street
Fruitvale (Oakland) Fruitvale Bike Station Fruitvale BART
Park Street Stone’s Cyclery 2320 Santa Clara Avenue
Park Street Rec. and Park Dept. (ARPD) 2226 Santa Clara Avenue
Park Street Alameda Museum 2324 Alameda Avenue
Park Street Tucker’s Ice Cream 1349 Park Street
Park Street Alameda Bicycle 1522 Park Street
Park Street Main Library 1550 Oak Street
West End West End Library 788 Santa Clara Avenue
West End Crab Cove Visitor’s Center 1252 McKay Avenue
West End Changing Gears 650 W. Ranger Avenue, Alameda Point
West End City Hall West 950 Mall Square, Alameda Point

All of the locations above are stocked with maps by a team of dedicated volunteers. We would like to expand our distribution to the locations below. If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to us via our contact form.

We are currently seeking volunteers to stock maps at the following locations:

Neighborhood Location Needing Volunteer Address
Bay Farm Harbor Bay Club 200 Packet Landing Road
Central Frank Bette Center for the Arts 1601 Paru Street
Central Pedal Beach South Shore Center
East End High Street Station Cafe 1303 High Street
Park Street Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden 1223 Park Street
Park Street Blue Danube 1333 Park Street
Park Street Park St. Business Assn. (PSBA) 2447 Santa Clara Avenue, #302
West End USS Hornet 707 W. Hornet Avenue, Alameda Point
West End Mariner Square Athletic Club 2227 Mariner Square Loop
West End W. Alameda Bus. Assn. (WABA) 1509 1/2 Webster Street
West End Spritzer’s 734 Central Avenue
West End College of Alameda 555 Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway

We are looking for people interested in distributing our bike maps on a regular basis. You can sign up for one or a few, then check the location periodically and bring new maps when they run out.

Contact us here.