Bike Walk Alameda Action Newsletter – November

The November issue of the Bike Walk Alameda Action Newsletter is out – Read how City Council recently approved the Transportation Choices Plan, the East Bay Greenway Project public meetings, the celebratory Cross Alameda Trail Groundbreaking ceremony and more!

Please note the CalTrans Bike Plan meeting is not on November 14th, but scheduled for:

Wednesday, November 15th

5-6 pm Open House, 6-7 pm Presentation on Priority Projects

West Oakland Youth Center – 233 Market Street, Oakland

New Law Ends Penalty for Crossing Street During Countdown

Changes to California state law are coming. AB390 passed into law now states that pedestrians may enter an intersection and cross during a countdown signal that is accompanied by a flashing hand signal or “Don’t Walk,” as long as they reach the other end of the intersection before the hand or “Don’t Walk” signal goes steady. We can’t penalize pedestrians for poorly timed crosswalk countdown signals.

For more details, follow the California Bicycle Coalition.

Bike Walk Alameda Action Newsletter – October

The October issue of the Bike Walk Alameda Action Newsletter is out – Read about the ‘Official LimeBike Launch Event’ making Alameda the first East Bay city with a public dock-less bike share system, the groundbreaking of the Cross Alameda Trail (the four-mile path that will cut through the future Jean Sweeney Open Space Park) and the car focused study by Oakland Alameda Access Project to reduce traffic volumes through Chinatown. You do not want to miss reading this month’s issue!


Voice Your Opinion on the City of Alameda’s Draft Transportation Choices Plan

Bike Walk Alameda members, we want your feedback! The City of Alameda is tackling transportation issues with a comprehensive citywide plan to provide more transportation options for Alamedans with the goal of reducing thousands of drive alone trips at the crossings and through Alameda over the next 15 years. All community members are invited to review and comment on the City of Alameda’s Draft Transportation Choices Plan, and to discuss the draft plan at the following outreach activities:

  • Monday, September 25: Planning Board Meeting at City Council Chambers (2263 Santa Clara Avenue, 3rd Floor) 7 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 27: Transportation Commission Meeting at City Council Chambers, 7 p.m.
  • Tuesday, October 17: City Council Meeting at City Council Chambers, 7 p.m.

The purpose of the Transportation Choices Plan is to help ensure that the City sustains its high quality of life during a time of current and anticipated population and employment growth throughout the Bay Area region. During this 18-month citywide planning effort, the City and the consultant team identified opportunities for strategic transportation investment and coordination with transit operators to provide Alamedans with enhanced transportation options while reducing congestion, our carbon footprint and air pollution. The community engagement process consisted of community workshops, organizational advisory group meetings, a public opinion survey, a project webpage, web-based community surveys, and commissions, boards and City Council meetings.

The Transportation Choices Plan provides a blueprint for how the City can improve transportation infrastructure and services in Alameda over the next 15 years to achieve the two goals discussed below:

  • Estuary Crossings: Decrease drive alone trips at estuary crossings, especially in the peak period. By implementing the Plan’s proposed projects and programs, it is expected to decrease drive alone trips at estuary crossings from the 2030 baseline of 14,400 drive alone trips to 12,700 drive alone trips in the morning peak hour, which represents a 12 percent decrease.
  • Within Alameda: Increase the share of walking, bicycling, bus and carpool trips within Alameda. The Plan’s projects and programs are expected to increase non-drive alone trips by almost 14 percent, which is an increase from the 2030 baseline of 24,200 non-drive alone trips throughout a typical weekday.

Please review the City of Alameda’s Draft Transportation Choices Plan located on the City’s project webpage and contact us at with your comments and questions. Thank you for your input!