Cycling Education

Bike Walk Alameda encourages everyone to ride safely. Bike education can help riders of all abilities build confidence and learn new skills. Below are classes and other resources that can help you become a more skilled and confident rider.

Bike East Bay offers a variety of classes, including Urban Cycling, Theft Prevention, Family Workshops, and more!

The League of American Bicyclists website offers a variety of “Ride Smart” bike safety videos.

Ask Dr. Sprocket – If you have any questions about biking, Bike Walk Alameda’s experts are happy to help.

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New! Bicycle Safety for Middle School Kids through School Programs and Summer Bike Camps

Easy-Street-Cycling_LOGOBike Walk Alameda board member Bonnie Wehmann turned her passion for teaching bicycle safety to kids entering middle school into a business.

Easy Street Cycling, an Alameda bike education business, specializes in working with middle school-age kids. These tweens and early teens are the most at-risk age group for crashes because they don’t yet know the rules of the road but are often old enough to ride without an adult.

As a parent of middle and elementary school-age children, Wehmann understands what parents want their kids to know and how to explain laws, traffic patterns, kids’ legal rights and responsibilities in a way that is fun and empowering to kids.

She reached out to AUSD and received approval to offer free one-hour, in-class presentations on bicycle and pedestrian safety to fifth graders. Rising fifth grade kids will head off to middle schools on their own next year, and Wehmann hopes to reach as many as possible with some enlightening and important safety information.

Easy Street Cycling is also addressing the need for more hands-on bicycle safety practice to middle school kids through bike camps, where kids practice riding bikes safely, confidently and independently on the roadway. Camps for small all-girls or all-boys groups of six are led by Wehmann, an experienced, certified and insured bike safety instructor.

Starting middle school is a tough time of change for any kid. There’s a new route to school, new schedule and new teachers, and it is extremely important for kids to start their day confident and calm in knowing the rules of the road, how to ride safely and how to securely lock their bikes.

“There is a lot of new responsibility expected from kids in middle school,” Wehmann said. “Getting around independently on their bikes really helps build their confidence.”

Bike camps also give parents peace of mind knowing their children are riding visibly and predictably with traffic.

Parents and schools can go to for more information, to apply for a free, fifth grade class or to register for summer bike camps.