Past Programs and Events

Bike Walk Alameda has put on and participated in a number of programs and events over the years. They include:

Park(ing) Day and Parklets

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Bike Walk Alameda Board Member Donna Eyestone set up Alameda’s first parklet, in 2012.


Haunt Your Ride!

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Bike Walk Alameda has partnered with to tour the Island’s finest Halloween haunted homes!


Alameda Point Planning Tour

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More than 100 people participated in a tour of Alameda Point organized by the City of Alameda and Bike Walk Alameda, where they learned about planned development at the former Naval Air Station.


Valet Bike Parking


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An early victory: In 2001, Bike Walk Alameda convinced city leaders to require secure bike parking at permitted events where attendance is expected to top 100 people!