Little Free Library Bike Tour (self-guided)

We recently spent a little time touring some Little Free Libraries in Alameda. This is a nice, 10-mile ride. Some of the libraries even have benches to sit on and read!

Grab 15-20 of your own books that you are done with and head out with two panniers. One will be full and the other will start out empty. At each location you can grab a book or two that you like and leave one or two of your own.

Here’s a list of the Little Free Libraries on our route:
(Here is a complete turn-by-turn route)

 A / W  2615 Washington Street
 B  2712 San Jose Avenue
 C  1371 Pearl Street
 D  1400 Eastshore Drive
 E  2937 Windsor Drive
 F    2300 Blanding Street  *ADDED 1/15/15
 G  2135 Buena Vista Avenue
 H  1816 Lafayette Street
 I  1213 Eagle Avenue
 J  1816 Wood Street
 K  1814 8th Street
 L  2211 Fulton Lane
 M  308 Lina
 N  340 Lincoln Avenue
 O      Taylor Avenue @ 5th Street
 P      1198 9th Street *ADDED 7/14/15
 Q  1009 Santa Clara Avenue
 R  1024 Taylor Avenue
 1307 St. Charles Street *ADDED 7/14/15
 T  1510 Encinal Avenue
 U  1121 Grand Street *ADDED 1/10/15
 V  2032 Clinton Avenue

Have fun!

Little free libraries have been popping up all over. If you know about one that’s not on our list, use this form to tell us where it is.