Bikes on Transit

On AC Transit

We are very lucky here in the East Bay because each one of AC Transit’s buses is equipped with a two- or three-bike rack. Loading your bike on the bus is easy.

AC Transit has a handy pamphlet on how to load your bike on the bus. Or watch this video for a quick loading and unloading lesson:

Practice Tip: Read the pamphlet and then try loading your bike on a bus that is at the beginning of its route. This way you will have more time and won’t be worried that EVERYONE is waiting for you.

Estuary Crossing Shuttle

The Estuary Crossing Shuttle is a bike- and pedestrian-friendly way to get to and from Oakland from Alameda’s West End. The shuttle, which has 19 seats and space for 10 bicycles, makes four stops in Alameda’s West End and two in downtown Oakland. For stop locations, schedules and more, click here.

Bikes on BART

BART began permitting bikes on its trains in 2013 and is actively working to increase the percentage of riders who are cyclists. For information on access to BART’s policies, stations, bike parking and more, click here.

Harbor Bay and Alameda/Oakland Ferry

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 3.02.24 PM

Both the Harbor Bay and Alameda/Oakland ferry (along with every other ferry line operated by the San Francisco Bay Ferry) permit bicycles on board, for no extra charge. If the bicycle parking racks are full, Bike East Bay recommends that riders carry a bungee cord to secure their bike to the rear railing of the ferry. Secure parking is now available at both Alameda ferry stations. For fare and schedule information, click here.

Additional transit options

Bike East Bay offers a comprehensive rundown on how you can take bikes on a list of different transit services, here.