Caltrans District 4: Call for Bike Project Comments

Caltrans has asked for our comments on the projects they have proposed in the District 4 Bike Plan, six of these plans concern Alamedans directly. Project 256 is for the bike/ped bridge, which we’re especially excited about as it will dramatically improve bicycling between Alameda and Oakland and reduce the number of cars going through the tubes during rush hour. Please take a few minutes to show your support.

Visit Find Alameda and click on the project(s) that interest you. Once you select a project, you can choose to like it and comment in the column on the left. When thinking of what comments you want to make, consider these statistics:

Project 256: New ped/bike overcrossing bridge that would directly connect Alameda and Oakland:

  • 12,700 single occupancy vehicles leave Alameda during the morning commute hours.*
  • More than 70% of Alameda residents drive alone to Oakland.**
  • 1,980 single occupancy vehicles go through the Posey Tube towards Oakland each weekday morning.***
  • 1,370 single occupancy vehicles go through the Webster Tube to Alameda each weekday morning.****
  •  33% of the total of Alameda’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions comes from cars.***** 

Project 864: Buffered bike lanes in select locations. Project extent is Webster St. to Encinal Avenue:

The National Association of City Transportation Officials states that buffered bike lanes “Encourages bicycling by contributing to the perception of safety among users of the bicycle net”. More bikes…fewer cars on the road. (

Caltrans stated Strategic Management Plan: 3x bicycling trips by 2020; Adopt “Toward Zero Deaths” practice – reduce bicycle-related fatalities by 10% by 2020. California State Bike & Pedestrian Plan Vision: By 2040, people in California of all ages, abilities, and incomes can safely, conveniently, and comfortably walk and bicycle for their everyday transportation needs.

With the projects listed above, we can help Caltrans reach its goal and make Alameda dramatically more bike friendly! Remember, more bicyclists, fewer cars on Alameda roads! Thanks for your support!

*Draft Transportation Choices Plan pg. 16;**Draft Transportation Choices Plan pg.36;

***City Staff;****City Staff;*****Liam Garland, Director of Public Works