Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25

Let’s all join in on May 1 to promote Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day to heighten awareness and to keep Alameda’s kids safe for walking and bicycling.  Of course, keeping our kids alive and well is an everyday responsibility and we all play a role:   motorists, walkers, parents, bicyclists, police, schools, businesses, city government.

On May 1, across the country, communities are calling for action to make neighborhoods safer.  Bike Walk Alameda supports this effort and encourages everyone to go to and learn what you can do to participate, build community and save lives.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that most speeders on local roadways live right in the neighborhood — and, of course, Alameda is a community of neighborhoods.  Did you know that:

If you hit a pedestrian:

at 20 mph, 5% will die
at 30 mph, 45% will die
at 40 mph, 85% will die

Please join in this effort and make a difference in creating awareness and safe streets not only on May 1, but every day.  Visit the website, email, or call 402-334-1391.

Send in pictures or news to Bike Walk Alameda about what you, your neighborhood, PTA, organization are doing to support this effort.

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