Sixth Edition of Bicycle and Walking Map of Alameda Coming Soon!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.42.25 AMThe latest version of our ever-popular Bike Walk Alameda Biking and Walking Map is currently at the printer. We periodically update the map when new streets are added and others are upgraded to include better bicycle and walking infrastructure around Alameda. After more than 10 years in print, we are gearing up to release the Sixth Edition of our extremely popular Bicycle & Walking Map of Alameda. You’ll find all the best routes to bike and walk around town.

We work hard to get these new street improvements and want you to know how to find the safest, quickest, and most enjoyable route around town. The map is also sporting a new cover with a spectacular photo taken by our volunteer and member Kim Kay. Look for it in distribution around town in the next month.

Back in 2004, Bike Alameda created its first ever printed bicycle map. This project was the culmination of a year-long all-volunteer effort. Experts in graphics, cartography and project management contributed over $15,000 worth of time, and did so with energy and positive spirit.

Click here to learn more about our map, or to view the current map online.

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